April 13, 2020

It’s time to focus on empowerment and hope. In today’s climate of fear and uncertainty about COVID-19, there is a major component missing in the narrative being circulated. In our race to gather supplies, socially distance ourselves and wash hands and surfaces more pru...

I recently read a Washington Post article that said that 8 out of 10 Americans are confused about what is healthy. People are right to be confused. There are so many health claims and misinformation out there that it is hard to know who and what to trust. This makes na...

March 27, 2017

6 foods to avoid and 4 foods to enjoy to help you lower stress and manage your depression.

February 28, 2017

Anecdotally, we have all heard of stress or anxiety's impact on our gut. Some have referred to this as "butterflies" in our tummy, or other variations. I personally have an obtrusive physiological response to stress. It seems that when I am feeling anxiety or stress, t...

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Playmore & Prosper is a collaborative community of health and wellness professionals who provide a unique, evidence-based, experiential approach to counseling and wellness services for kids and families. Our mission is to invite people into personal growth experiences through activity and the expressive arts. 

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