Parents of children with ADHD report significantly higher rates of stress, isolation, and feeling like a failure. Are you surprised? or perhaps feeling validated? We know that what you really want is for your children to grow up happy, healthy, and successful. But more than anything, you just want to stop being singled out as the "bad" parent. (Trust me, mama, you're not). 


Join this group of fellow parents of children with ADHD for support, comradery, education, resource-sharing, and perhaps a good laugh. Lead by Licensed Psychologist and Registered Play Therapist, Rob Winkler, this group offers a safe space for parents to share and explore their challenges together. 


Feel confident in your parenting. Find hope for your child's future. And do it all with the support of other parents just like you. 

ADHD Parenting Support Group

  • This support group will meet for four weeks at Playmore & Prosper. Each meeting will be an hour long. 


    Group size: 4-10 people