Anxiety and stress are a part of daily life.  Unfortunately, kids are being bombarded with more stressors than ever before. There are pressures being placed upon kids from their school, peers, families, and society.  It has become very important for kids to learn coping skills so that they can deal with the stressors that life throws at them in a healthy and effective manner. When they do not have appropriate coping skills in place, signs of anxiety-overload can include: worry, isolation, being fidgety, an inability to concentrate, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, irritability, avoidance of activities they once enjoyed, headaches, changes in eating habits, stomachaches & shallow breathing.


Creating art has been found to decrease stress while improving overall resilience to it.  By engaging in the art process, kids are able to focus on the present moment. With the guidance of an art therapist, kids can learn how to better navigate, express, and heal anxious feelings before they have a chance to become chronic issues.  Additionally, working in a group format allows kids a chance to build a sense of community that will help to normalize their feelings, as well as develop the confidence and self-esteem needed to cope with daily stressors.


What will be learned in this class:

The focus of this art therapy group is to teach kids and adolescents tools they can use to cope with everyday stress so they can lead emotionally healthy lives. We will learn to identify emotions as they arise and express them creatively within a supportive environment. Participants will learn to share their feelings and be compassionate towards others. We will foster internal awareness, healthy expression, and a sense of community that will aid in the normalizing of difficult emotions. This is an art-based therapeutic group that will use a variety of artistic mediums to facilitate the healing process. We will be working with clay, oil pastels, acrylic paint, collage, pastels and 3-dimensional design. No art experience is needed.

Art for Stress-Free Kids

    • Day & time: Fridays from 4:30-6PM

    • Duration: 6 weeks

    • Age range: 6-10 years-old. 

    • Number of Participants: 3-6

    • Cost: $30 per participant per week *materials included in cost.