Mindfulness is everywhere these days... and now you and your child can learn mindfulness together in this fun and supportive class! Mindfulness is a powerful practice that promotes self-awareness, empathy, and focus, and teaches us skills for calming down when we're upset. In this class, taught by two experienced teachers and mindfulness educators, we'll begin with creative mindfulness games for parents and children. Then, the kids will stay with Ms. Jen for mindful stories and activities, and the parents will go with Sarah to learn about mindful parenting, and how mindfulness can help us manage the stresses that accompany parenthood. We'll end each session with a group mindfulness practice that you can do as a family at home, too! This class is a great way for both you AND your child to learn about mindfulness at the appropriate level.

Mindful Families

    • Day & Time: Saturdays from 10-11AM

    • Duration: 6 weeks

    • Age: Parent/Caregiver and Child (ages 3-5) together

    • Number of Participants: 8 - 10 pairs

    • Cost: $44 per pair per week