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Parenting through Play: How to Support your Disruptive Child
A Play based approach helping parents learn to manage their children’s behavior more effectively, while strengthening the parent-child bond & having more fun with their children.


Do you feel overwhelmed by the stress of parenting? Do you constantly feel frustrated and challenged by your child’s behavior? Do you struggle to know how to help him or her stay out of trouble in school, follow through on their responsibilities, and go through their lives with fewer fits and back-talk? Research has shown that parents with disruptive or challenging children, particularly with ADHD, report significantly greater stress than other parents. You are not alone and you do not have to handle this on your own. Using the Child-Parent Relationship Training principles, this class will give you tools and training to help you manage your child’s behavior, reduce your stress, and have more fun with them!


What is Child-Parent Relationship Training? 
When children have problems, they often don’t have the words to talk about them. Play gives children a way to explore their concerns, and communicate feelings they don’t understand or can’t express any other way. Play therapy has been shown to be an effective intervention with children for a variety of behavioral and emotional difficulties. CPRT is a 10 week parenting course that teaches parents how to use some of the same skills that play therapists use to help children experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties. Research has shown that motivated parents can be trained to be as effective as play therapists using play therapy skills with their own children, with as little as 20 hours of Child-Parent-Relationship Training.


Research studies have shown that CPRT can:

  • Reduce or eliminate behavior problems

  • Reduce stress for parents

  • Enhance the parent-child relationship and the marital relationship

  • Develop responsibility and self-control in children

  • Increase children’s self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Increase parents’ feelings of warmth for their children


The atmosphere of this class is friendly and accepting and the training is interactive, making it enjoyable and interesting. Playmore & Prosper’s facility will allow us to watch video demonstration, explore the rooms used for play therapy, and enjoy use of the kitchen for light snacks. Participants will have further opportunity to schedule & bring their child into one of the play therapy rooms for practice.


Some of the things you will learn include:

  • How to help your child open up to you

  • Therapeutic limit setting

  • Recognizing emotional needs and building self-esteem

  • Fostering creativity, self-control, and self-responsibility

Parenting through Play: How to Support your Disruptive Child

  • This class is intended for parents of children ages 3-9. 

    Held at Playmore & Prosper, this class will meet for 1.5 hours one evening a week for 10 weeks. The format will be a group format of parents learning concepts to empower their parenting of disruptive behaviors. The group format will further enrichen the learning through parent feedback and support for the challenges of parenting.

    Class materials are included in the cost of the class. Parents only need to purchase once for both to attend. 

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