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Inviting personal  growth  experiences through activity.

Playmore & Prosper is a collaborative community of health and wellness professionals who provide a unique experiential, evidence-based approach to counseling and wellness services for kids and families. Our mission is to invite people into personal growth experiences through activity and the expressive arts. We believe that anyone and everyone can experience growth and healing. Come explore your more with us. 


Hosting a network of providers for more creative and holistic care

We believe that better care means a supportive network of providers all in one place. Likewise, we believe that inter-disciplinary collaboration between professionals spurs them on to develop more creative and effective solutions for care and offers you a wide variety of options to meet your needs. We encourage all our professionals to consult and collaborate to provide you with holistic, connected care. Most of our therapists will utilize interns, offering you a team of skilled professionals to call upon for support. Similarly, all our instructors are encouraged to work together to create opportunities that you cannot find anywhere else.


Facilitating growth and healing through activity

At Playmore & Prosper, we believe less in the mind’s need to solve problems and far more in the power of experiencing solutions! In fact, it is often our search for answers and solutions that get in the way. However, by utilizing various forms of activity, we can quiet the mind and allow our body and soul to speak solutions. These are personal growth experiences and are the aim of all of our opportunities here at Playmore. In our counseling services, this means that many of our therapists use activity-based, therapeutic techniques, and our wellness classes evoke the idea of discovering your 'more.'


Applying the latest research and techniques to our practice

As a society, we put our trust in the education of helping professionals. We recognize this trust as our responsibility to uphold & honor, and this informs and guides our work. We host trainings to disseminate the latest research on play therapy. We also welcome graduate-level interns to keep us connected to academic research. And perhaps, most importantly, we submit ourselves to feedback & review by allowing our colleagues to observe our methods & work. This allows us the opportunity to collaborate and learn new techniques. These last two methods are unique to Playmore & Prosper and demonstrate our commitment to being the best therapists we can be!

"Not a place of sitting in problems, but of experiencing new understandings."
Our mission is to invite people into personal growth experiences through activity and the expressive arts!

The expressive art therapies utilized at Playmore & Prosper employ different therapeutic techniques depending on the type of art used. If you are curious about these unique techniques, we provide brief summaries of each of them here. 

Opportunities for anyone who wants more.

Explore your more!

Sometimes we get "stuck" in life. Our day to day just feels stagnant. Or perhaps our life even feels daunting, uninviting, or scary. Maybe our life is just fine, nothing to complain about, but we know there could be more. Wherever you may be at in life, Playmore & Prosper is here to help you explore your more. Each of our services are designed to have opportunities for anyone who wants more for themselves, their children or their families. Consider them below!

Our Services


Individual and family counseling: when more personalized attention is needed to grow and heal.

Group classes for kids and families of all ages that use activity to foster wellbeing.

Opportunities for students and professionals in health and wellness professions to learn, network and collaborate.

"The most therapeutic conversation you will have in my office will not be with me, but with yourself!" T. Rob Winkler

T. Rob Winkler

MA, LP, RPT-S, Owner of Playmore & Prosper

I am so excited to have launched Playmore and Prosper! I have been practicing therapy for over 10 years and have grown every year in appreciation for the therapeutic power of activity. I feel most confident in my efforts when I witness a client experience something which changes them from the inside out. I have created Playmore & Prosper with the mission to provide activity-based opportunities which can provide this sort of experience!


Office Dog

Aka the "Duchess of Cooks Bay." Cookie is our beloved office companion. She looks forward to making new friends here at Playmore and Prosper. And she promises to greet you with a smile and perhaps a wet nose!

What our friends love about us...

In need of space?

So you're a therapist, and you've decided to start your own practice?  Partner with Playmore! We have both play therapy suites and rooms for family or individual therapy available for you to rent.

Or maybe you're not a therapist, but you offer health- and wellness-related services? We'd love to work with you, too - you can rent our wellness room to see clients in. 

Do you need a larger space to host a class, event, training, or therapeutic group? Our vivid, spacious group room is available to rent and seats up to 20 people. Please note: This room isn't limited to rental by therapists or wellness professionals. The group room can house a variety of events.

Room Rental
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