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Opportunities for health and wellness professionals to learn, network and collaborate.

"We study the research to inform our work with best practices, and we study ourselves as therapists to become more effective." 
T. Rob Winkler MA, LP, RPT-S
About Us

We consider our time with clients a privilege and a responsibility.

To make sure we fully honor this value, we are continually working to improve our therapeutic effectiveness. ...

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We highly value collaboration between colleagues.

There are a number of highly-trained professionals contributing to and collaborating with the work done at Playmore & Prosper! ...

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We utilize interns as "working apprentice therapists."

Therapists have to complete an internship experience before completing their degree. ...

We rely on the latest research with the goal of advancing the field.

At Playmore & Prosper we want our work to benefit the work of others, and we inform our own work by the latest research & information in the professional journals of our fields. ...

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What makes our training opportunities unique?

Training Opportunities


Looking for an internship?

We accept Master's-level interns to work alongside a licensed therapist as a "working apprentice" under direct supervision. We welcome exceptional students in graduate degree programs of marriage and family therapy, counseling psychology, and child psychology. The expressive arts programs are certainly of special interest, and candidates in expressive arts programs and play therapy programs will much appreciate our mission. Bachelor's-level students are welcomed when appropriate to their degree and experience. 

Office Space

In need of space?

So you're a therapist, and you've decided to start your own practice?  Partner with Playmore! We have both play therapy suites and rooms for family or individual therapy available for you to rent.

Or maybe you're not a therapist, but you offer health- and wellness-related services? We'd love to work with you, too - you can rent our wellness room to see clients in. 

Do you need a larger space to host a class, event, training, or therapeutic group? Our vivid, spacious group room is available to rent and seats up to 20 people. Please note: This room isn't limited to rental by therapists or wellness professionals. The group room can house a variety of events.

Waiting Room
Group Activity Room
Training Room
Upstairs Waiting Area
Fun in the play room!
Play Therapy Suite
Group Playroom
All of Rob's Toys!
One-Way Glass (Rob's Office)
Rob's Office
Family Therapy Office
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