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Melissa Weinhandl, MA, LMFT


As we experience the world, we are constantly interpreting and making meaning.  It is through those interpretations that we are able to make sense of the world.  As a therapist, I believe the relationships we have, the stories we tell, and the stories others tell about us are important, and we piece these events together to form definitions of ourselves and others. 

Sometimes, we get stuck in problem-saturated stories.  I see challenges from the perspective of a narrative.  As with prose, we tend to see our stories, ourselves, and others in story form with themes and plots.  I also see problems as separate from the person and believe that people have power over their narrative.  Therefore, the individual is not the problem but the relationship we have with these challenges is the problem.  For my clients, I help to uncover newfound strengths and resources through conversational and experiential interventions.

Hi, I'm Melissa Weinhandl!

Education: I have a Master's degree from St. Mary's University in marriage and family therapy and a Master's degree from Luther Seminary in theology. I'm a licensed LAMFT supervised by Cindy Lachance-Lindberg, MA, LMFT, RPT, and Dr. Samantha Zaid, PhD, LMFT, Rev.  

Approach: I have mental health experience with children, adolescents, families, and couples in community-based, in-home, residential, and outpatient settings.  I particularly enjoy working with adolescents.  I strongly believe that family involvement is essential, and therefore, I offer individual and family sessions.  I also enjoy working with couples on relationship issues as well as parenting.  Because of my seminary training, I have competence with issues around spirituality.

Intern Options

Ask me about utilizing a Playmore graduate level intern in a therapeutic team approach. Working with an intern offers more than just another weekly session (for free), it creates more opportunity for family and creative interventions. This therapeutic team approach expands the observation, intervention, and evaluation of the therapy process. All details and arrangements will be discussed and agreed upon with clients prior to utilizing interns.

TIPS FOR 2020 (2).png
#1 – Connect

Connecting with others is important. Schedule some face-to-face time with important people. Look for groups or communities that interest you and make some new connections!


#2 – Move your body

Find some fun and new ways to move your body! Take a walk, try a yoga or fitness class, or take up a new sport. Research tells us that movement and exercise are essential to mental wellness.

#3 – Practice kindness

Be kind to yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself when things don't go the way that you want them to go. Focus on the process and not the destination.

Services & Fees


I offer individual and family therapy. For more information about my approach, see above.


I am a fee-for-service provider, which means I do not accept insurance. You may be reimbursed by your insurance company for my services if you choose to request "out-of-network" reimbursement. Please verify the specific requirements for reimbursement with your insurance provider, and I will be happy to provide you with the appropriate receipt, billing codes, and diagnosis needed (insurance will not reimburse if there is no diagnosis).

Payment is due at time of service and I accept cash, check, or credit card payments, including Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards.


My rate is $100/hr.


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