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Telemedicine FAQ

Welcome! In response to COVID-19, our therapists are offering telemedicine services to provide therapy our clients. Telemedicine is a way of offering therapy services at a distance via online video or phone. We know this is a difficult time and look forward to working with you; note that we have openings for new clients and current clients. See our FAQ below & and contact us to get started!​​​


What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a safe way to offer therapy services at a distance through online video or phone conversations. Telemedicine is exactly like in-person therapy except that it's offered remotely through technology to promote social distancing.

What do I need for telemedicine counseling?

You need a computer or device that allows video or voice chat. For voice chat, this means a device with a microphone, speaker, and video. We'd also recommend that you find a quiet place in your home, if possible, so you don't get interrupted.

Who can you provide telemedicine counseling to?

Anyone! We work with kids of all ages and adults, depending on the therapist. Our therapists are able to tailor treatment based on the age of the client.

How do I get started?

Fill out a contact form to get started! We're also available by phone at 763-355-5488 and by email at

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