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Group opportunities for kids and families of all ages that use activity to foster well-being.

"Expressive arts provide an experience which facilitates communication between the mind, body, & spirit. The activity does the work of prompting the client to have a 'conversation within themselves.'”
T. Rob Winkler MA, LP, RPT-S
About Us

About Us

Playmore & Prosper is a collaborative community of health and wellness professionals who provide a unique, evidence-based, experiential approach to counseling and wellness services for kids and families. Our mission is to invite people into personal growth experiences through activity and the expressive arts. 


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Our Wellness Philosophy

We engage the mind, body, and soul.

Engaging the mind, body, and soul is a powerful method for promoting well-being. ...

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We utilize the expressive arts.

Expressive arts (art, dance/movement, drama, music, poetry, and play) are activity-based mediums which facilitate personal growth experiences. ...

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Expressive arts are used as an arena for growth.

At Playmore & Prosper, we are not teaching the expressive arts in our groups: we are utilizing the medium as an arena for growth. ...

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Group settings can be more authentic and boost self-esteem.

The benefits from participating in groups are longer than we have space for. ...

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Our Philosophy

About Our Groups & Classes

At Playmore & Prosper, we aim to offer a wide variety of health- and wellness-focused groups. We offer separate wellness classes for adults & kids. Most of these groups range in number from 6 to 12 participants. For the best personal growth experience, a group of this size has been well-documented to be ideal. Several of our groups are designed for specific ages, developmental levels, diagnoses, and therapeutic mediums. You can even suggest future opportunities by filling out our group suggestion form!

Many of our wellness activities are based in one of the expressive arts. Each expressive art has it's own history, theory, and research guiding the work. Some of our wellness activities are grounded in holistic health practices. To learn more about each of the expressive arts and holistic health practices, how they work, and what makes them an effective host for personal growth, learn more here

Groups & Classes

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