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Playmore & Prosper
Apprentice Interns!

"The best things in life are free...
our interns are here to demonstrate this can be true!"

Maddie Osgood

I’m Maddie, a native Californian who made the crazy decision about 9 years ago to leave the most perfect climate on earth (the SF Bay Area) for the tundra of Minnesota. To stay alive, I surround myself with light, color, and loving people.

Play has always captivated me as an artist—the chance to endlessly combine color, texture, shape, and scale, bringing unforeseen creations to life. But after earning my B.A. in studio Art from St. Olaf College and pursuing a short career in graphic design, I realized that what I most wanted was to meld my creative passions with my love for people—to work at the intersection of creativity and human connection. I took a leap of faith, left my job in corporate America and enrolled at Adler Graduate School in Minnetonka to pursue my master’s in counseling with an emphasis in Art Therapy.


As an emerging art therapist, I hope to help others trade lives of fear and restriction for lives of boundless color. In my coursework at Adler Graduate School, I’ve studied and experienced how creating art can surface repressed emotions, offer mindful reconnection to the body and its senses, ground anxious thoughts to the present, or transform limiting thoughts into new dreams. By bringing intentional human connection and care to the therapeutic studio, these benefits multiply. Making art with others challenges perfectionism and comparison. Sharing art with others requires vulnerability. Active listening to others promotes empathy and encouragement. It will be a joy to help children develop these qualities at a young age, preparing them for a future of wholehearted living.

Aubrey Workman

I’m Aubrey, a second-year graduate student at Lesley University studying counseling and dance/movement therapy (DMT). I find peace and joy through dancing, hanging out with my cats, and surrounding myself with family and friends.


I started dancing when I was four years-old and quickly found the joy it brought to me. As I got older, I realized dance was not just an activity that brought me joy, but a way of life that can support me and I wanted to share that with others. I attended undergrad at Minnesota State University, Mankato and graduated with a BS in Pre-Dance/movement therapy and a minor is psychology. Dance/movement is something anyone can do, whether it is breathing techniques, meditation, guided imagery, dance parties, the way we make our coffee in the mornings, or the way we brush our teeth, we all do little dances everyday of our lives. In fact, as Suzi Tortora states, we dance from the moment we enter this world, and we are born to dance.


DMT is based on the idea that the mind and body are connected and have an impact on each other, our bodies hold our life stories and experiences, and sometimes those experiences can be hard to fully understand and comprehend. When we do not fully understand what we are feeling it can be hard to express our emotions through verbalization. Embodying our stories through movement allows us to explore and express our emotions in a non-verbal way, helping us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and eventually being able to put words to our stories, although sometimes there may never be a word to express what we are feeling, we always have the use of non-verbals to communicate and express ourselves.


Dance/movement therapy can be for anyone, of any age, with any range of mobility and often includes play. Throughout my courses at Lesley University, I have studied how dance/movement therapy can improve overall quality of life, memory, range of motion, pain management, stress relief, anxiety, fears, coping for any triggers or trauma, confidence, body image and relationships. As a future DMT I hope to incorporate both play therapy and DMT in a child oncology setting, helping children develop pain management techniques, cope with any anxieties, hopelessness, self-worth, and body image. By using DMT and play I hope to provide a safe and supportive environment for children to fully express themselves in a way that feels authentic to them.

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Hannah Steininger

I’m Hannah, a Minnesota native! I am intensely creative and gain inspiration from traveling, artistic expression through fashion, close family and friends, and yes, even coffee! In my free time, I am planning my wedding slated for early Fall of 2022.  


My path to becoming a counselor looks a bit different than most. At 15, I was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease, as a result of the diagnosis I am slowly losing my vision. This has been the catalyst into a career with a framework routed in helping people understand and process emotions. It’s with a deep understanding of loss that I am able to promote an openness and a path forward for others. 


I received a BS from The University of Wisconsin- Stout in Retail Merchandising and Management. I jumped into the corporate world as many do but was left feeling uninspired and wanting something that created deeper meaning in my life. After a journey through the deserts in Arizona and Utah, I decided to uproot the seemingly comfortable status I surrounded myself with. I set my sights on a Master’s in counseling from Crown College. My initial plan was to counsel others with vision loss and disabilities, but then I learned about play therapy and become enthralled by the power of play. 


Researching the work of Carl Rogers, Gary Landreth, and Lisa Dion, I have come to greatly appreciate the non-directive approach to play therapy as an expression of feelings through the act of play. I am passionate about providing children the space to process, communicate and work through their emotions.

Therapy with an 
Apprentice Intern


Playmore & Prosper interns work alongside a licensed therapist to create a therapeutic team. Specific details of how the intern will support and contribute to therapy will be conveyed, discussed, and agreed upon at the start of service with the licensed therapist and client. Frequently, the inclusion of an intern will involve observing or participating in a weekly office session, AND leading an additional session per week in the home of the client at no extra charge. The home sessions offer more opportunity for family members to participate and more creative intervention opportunities for the therapist.


There are NO fees for the inclusion of an intern into the therapeutic work done at Playmore & Prosper!

Forms & Useful Info

TIPS FOR 2020 (2).png
#1 – Laugh More

Laughing releases our feel-good chemicals! The old adage "you will laugh about this someday" is frequently true- so why not start laughing now? Consider laughter yoga, trying improv, or going to a comedy show. In daily practice, simply laughing at all of the idiosyncrasies present in the human experience opens opportunities for joy.


#2 – Look for Opportunities

Tough times and pain do not escape anyone. Challenges at work, struggles with your kids, stress about your parents, and all kinds of other difficulties are part of life. One's ability to find the opportunity for growth, learning, or laughter in these hardships has a giant influence on how these events are experienced.

#3 – Find Your Want

We are required to do things that are uncomfortable in order to achieve our goals. It is this discomfort that might be what keeps us from reaching our goals. How do we do the tough things we know we need to do? Find the want! For example, I don't like going to the dentist, but I want clean teeth and a bright smile. If I am able to create and focus on a large want list, it will help me face my challenges and accomplish my goals!

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