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Anger gets the best of many of us, and without healing the pain underneath, it travels with us and can destroy the next experience it encounters. The ability to manage anger helps determine one’s success in navigating all relationships (friend, family, spouse, co-worker, boss, etc.). Learning the life skill of identifying and healing pain underneath anger is beyond priceless! Cognitive Behavioral Play therapy - a focus of this mini course - provides opportunities for therapists to promote conflict resolution and vulnerability skills necessary for dealing with anger and healing pain.


This topical series on play therapy is meant to give therapists new tools and expand their repertoire of techniques for specific client issues of concern. Therapy with kids and adolescents is different, and it requires learning new arenas & languages to facilitate growth and healing. Play therapy allows us to meet kids & adolescents where they are in development, and empower them through methods they are familiar with. These Play Therapy classes are built on sound therapeutic theory and will focus on the application of specific play therapy tools through demonstration and interaction.


Learning Objectives: At the end of this training, the learner will be able to:

  • Utilize metaphor through play therapy to give a recipe for how anger happens
  • Utilize optical illusions through play therapy to illustrate anger
  • Describe play therapy structure for guiding progression of anger treatment
  • Utilize play therapy activities to demonstrate effective communication skills
  • Identify 8 elements essential to being able to practice a stop, think, and choose protocol for difficult situations
  • Facilitate play therapy practice of using a stop, think, and choose recipe to handling difficult situations.
  • Name 3 roles parents take with kids, and which one promotes a place for healing


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Play Therapy for Anger

  • This class is worth 3 CONTACT CE hours, and can be applied towards obtaining the necessary 150 CE hours required for RPT credentialing from the Association for Play Therapy. This course is founded in Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy, which is considered "seminal theory" by the APT, and appropriate to take during all three phases of training required for obtaining the RPT credential.

    Playmore and Prosper is an approved provider of Play Therapy Training. APT Approved Provider 17-504.

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